How to Unsend iMessage

Suddenly if you send out your iMessage without your control, you can easily undo it through your iPhone device. 

I also attend that situation where I send out the iMessage to my girlfriend and accidentally I want to revoke that message and make some corrections over there and resend it to her. So that’s why you are here to find the solution for this messaging process and here we will fix it within a 5 minute reading below article.

How to Unsend iMessage

While sending iMessage to someone you love, it will take some seconds or even minutes to complete their sent connection. So we need to capture that time and make changes over the messages that we have to send out. If the message gets delivered we can’t unsend or delete those texts and there is no way to do it. Learn more about messages from here.

Undo a Sent iMessage in an iPhone

You can quickly do it over your iPhone and it only takes a couple of seconds to deliver the message properly. Follow the instructions one by one and do that risk on your own.

1. While Unsending a message, you have to Swipe down from the top right corner on your iPhone device. For iPhone old models you have to swipe up from the bottom of the mobile screen.

2. It will bring up the Control Center and you will immediately click the Airplane mode.

3. And thus disconnects all your network connections and you’ll get an immediate message like “Not Delivered” in red color with an exclamatory symbol.

4. You’ll only get a couple of seconds to do this process while sending the text or image message. So be quick to act as much as possible.

5. Now select and hold the message and then click the ‘More’ option.

6. Tap the Trash icon because it will save you from sending the message to the recipient once the Airplane mode gets activated.

Maybe this will be the situation you will definitely face in the past or future times like worrying about delivering a message to the receiver. We can’t do anything about that iMessage because it got updated in all of the iOS devices like Apple Watch, MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPad. So you have to take this seriously to that person and ask for their apologies because there is no way to argue once the message got delivered to one. Better say sorry to them and convince him/her that you mistakenly sent out those messages to them. Never argue and don’t damage your relationship with the loving and caring people. Better luck next time.