How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook

Now we are going to see about how to unfollow someone on facebook permanently from your account and refollow them if you change your mind as you prefer.

Why do we prefer to unfollow your close one? Because blocking is not a good option for kind people who still have some place in their heart. Unfriending option is also a bad one because they will again send friend requests to you one more time. The Facebook Unfollowing option will completely remove their activities from your new feed section completely and you won’t see any activities from them and thus relax your mind and body well.

Unfollow Facebook People that You Don’t Like

The News Feed section will displays all your friends and families and even your Facebook group activities in one place. It will definitely annoy you to see some important posts from your closed one or closed group. It will bore you to scroll up on your smartphone to find some interesting posts and they are interrupting very well with their shit posts. 

How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook

You may even send messages through Messenger and keep him/her as your friend. Once you unfollow him, you can’t see their posts in your Facebook News Feed. Temporarily hiding specific person posts for 30 days is available as named as snoozing Facebook feature option.

By Using Their Profile Page

1. Visit Friend or someone’s profile page that you are going to unfollow.

2. See Cover Photo options like Friends, Following and Message button.

3. Click the drop down Following button.

4. It shows options such as ‘IN YOUR NEWS FEED’, See First, Default, Unfollow username.

5. Click the Unfollow button.

Unfollow from a Facebook Post

1. Visit interrupted posts that are made by someone you follow.

2. Click the three dots option which is placed near the top right side of the post.

3. Select the Unfollow option and stop seeing posts but stay friends. (Your posts will be visible to them and also they won’t get any notification that you unfollowed them.)

By Using Preferences on News Feed

1. Go to the Fb Profile page.

2. On the Menu bar, click the drop down arrow.

3. Open ‘News Feed Preferences’.

4. Tap ‘Unfollow People and Groups to Hide Their Posts’

5. Now select the friend or person that you are going to unfollow and select the ‘Done’ option.

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