How to Unarchive WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp unarchive is an advanced feature now available on all devices that helps to unhide your personal messages from your chat section. You can retrieve those messages anytime and read them later. I won’t raise my hand if you delete your old messages. Sometimes it will help you to remember good things. So better hide or unhide it for future use.

How to Unarchive WhatsApp Chats

Instead of swiping the message or searching the text, you can unarchive all your chats in one click by using the WhatsApp settings. It will be unhidden for all chats and you can access all of those in a simple way.

Now the article will explain these tutorials for Android and iPhone smartphones. Let’s rock.

Unarchive a WhatsApp chat on iPhone Device

A simple swipe is enough to unarchive chats that you have sent to the archive section. This swiping method allows you to view your archived messages just like a normal chat with your friend.

1. Launch WhatsApp app from your iPhone.

2. Now Swipe Down from the top mobile screen which is in the Chats section.

3. Select Archived Chats.

4. Simply select your chat person you want to unarchive by sliding the finger to the left side.

5. Then choose the Unarchive button. And thus restore your messages to the chats section.

You can also unarchive your chats by using a search bar and you have to correctly enter the person’s name or group name that you are going to find there.

1. Again go to the Chats section, click the Search bar. If the Search bar is not visible to you, you have to swipe down the mobile screen to access.

2. Enter the name of the friend or group that you are going to unarchive.

3. If it gets matched the name appears in the search results and it shows an archived message over there.

4. Now tap that name or group and slide the finger to the left to Unarchive that person.

5. The Broadcast Lists will be available in the chat section.

There is another way to Unarchive all your chats through the default iPhone WhatsApp settings. For applying these changes you have to Goto Settings -> Chats -> Unarchive All Chats. It restores all datas in a chat window.

Unarchive a WhatsApp Chat on Android Mobile

It is simple as you think and you can unarchive all of your chats by using the app itself. Let’s do it.

1. Launch WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store.

2. On the Chats section, scroll down and select Archived to open the specific folders.

3. Now Select and Hold the chat that you are going to unarchive.

4. Click the Unarchive button from the toolbar.

5. It looks like an upward pointing arrow and selects it to unarchive the chats.

You can also unarchive the chats on Android by creating a new message to close one. If the archived section is present with them, then it will get restored to your chat section to start your conversation over there.