How to Turn On Dark Mode on Google Chrome

It is worth doing and you have to enable this feature on your Google Chrome browser. Mostly mobile users gain more benefits when compared to web users. And another advantage is the dark mode will completely stabilize your battery percentage on smartphones.

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Google confirms that a darker interface will lead to better battery performance and especially good for both eyes. With the help of an OLED display it is even better than you think.

Exposing blue light at night time is not good for health and thus Google Chrome dark mode enhances both your help and improves your sleep for a long time. 

Google web is not the first one who has the dark mode feature on Google Chrome browser and it has been available in latest technology gadgets and smartphones like iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS. While continuing browsing on dark side you can gain some health benefits definitely and your user experience will improve than you think.

By compelling this feature let’s make it on to both laptop and mobile devices simultaneously through the article below.

How to Change Dark Mode in Chrome for Windows 10 OS

1. Open the menu Settings.

2. Choose the option Personalization.

3. Click the Colors button.

4. Scroll down and select ‘Choose your default app mode’.

5. Now change the option to ‘Dark’ mode. And thus enabling all apps including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari will change their color into dark one.

No need to restart your favorite browser to apply these settings. Just continue your work with a dark circle.

How to Switch On Dark Mode in macOS

Click System Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Dark option. This enables all your default settings into dark mode for all apps with no further input from the person like you.

Turning On Dark Mode on iPhone & iPad

The dark mode feature is available on all iPhones devices which got iOS 13 or latest version as their software. So we can enable the dark mode feature on Google Chrome browser and how we can accommodate this.

By simple follow this step by step process below,

1. Open Settings option from your iPhone device.

2. Click Display.

3. Choose the Dark Mode option.

The chrome browser will reflect this feature automatically only you toggle on from your phone.

Changing Chrome to Dark Mode in Android Mobile

There is no official release from the android authority and it will be experimental for you. Sometimes it looks strange so be patient with the mode.

1. Open Chrome browser from your Android device.

2. Enter chrome://flags in the address bar.

3. Click the ‘Search flags’ option and type the word ‘dark’.

4. There are two options available which are named as “Android web contents dark mode” and “Android Chrome UI dark mode”.

5. Select the appropriate option you want to experience on your chrome browser.

6. Select the options from the drop down menu and make the settings to Activated.

7. Restart your Chrome browser now.

8. From the Settings menu, Select ‘Themes’ and select ‘Dark’ option.

Finally you learned how to enable this dark mode feature on Google Chrome for both technology gadgets like Apple & Windows and also iPhone & Android.