How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

The Instagram app brings out a new app feature which is named as Vanish Mode. But the concept is old if you know anything about secret chats. While on secret chats you are able to manually unsend all of your messages to your friends. In vanish mode your chat chat section will be automatically removed once you start your conversation.

On other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat you have to create seperate chat section for your secret friends. But in Instagram you can easily toggle on or off your vanish mode within the app itself.

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

The vanish mode in Instagram app acts as a temporary chat section and you can start your secret chat messages with your friends. After you complete your conversation with your friend it will automatically disappear the chat messages both of you created and no need to worry about that text.

The same process will be applicable for group chats in an vanish mode. How super this feature is. All of your conversation will end once you finish the chat and close it. So how can we do it? It’s too simple like visiting a Instagram Direct Chat page, then Open Chat with your close friend that you are going to start a conversation with and Hold and Swipe to enable self-destruction mode.

The above 20 words clearly explains how to start vanish mode on Instagram by using iPhone and Android devices. If you like to add your personal story with custom background color change on app itself, then learn about it from Techroal. For a clear guide you have to read out below steps to turn on vanish mode in the app itself.

Switch On Your Vanish Mode on Instagram

The below steps are suitable for both android and iPhone devices. Let’s start

1. Launch Instagram App on your mobile.

2. On the Top Right Corner, you have to open Direct Message by tapping the messenger icon.

3. Under the Chats section, search your friends using their first name.

4. Now open a separate chat section with your close friend.

5. There you have to hold and swipe up to turn on your vanish mode.

Here you go, you have successfully turned on your Instagram vanish mode with your close friend.

Toggle Off Vanish Mode on Instagram App

Now comes the important part of the article that we are going to learn about how to turn off vanish mode on your android and iPhone Instagram app. Follow the step by step instructions to toggle off the mode.

1. Open Instagram app.

2. View Direct Message by tapping the messenger icon.

3. Open a specific chat section with your friend.

4. Now tap to turn off the vanish mode for that chat section. (You can also Hold and Swipe to Switch Off this mode)

5. There you will be able to see all of your regular conversations which will appear in front of you.

Unfortunately this feature is not available on Instagram web mode, that is you can’t turn on/off vanish mode while chatting on your desktop or laptop devices.