How to Tag a Friend on Instagram [3 Ways]

There are many different ways to tag your friend on your Instagram account. The feature to add someone there is on either new post or existing posts and in comment and also in story.

You can experience a real share when you do some tagging from your Instagram account for your best friend. Social media apps nowadays make these kinds of tools that interact with you to create likes engagement over the content.

I tried to tag my friend @somu on Instagram and it triggered a sudden notification to him about tagging and he called him and made conversations over there. Really interesting…

How to Tag a Friend on Instagram

Now let’s move on to the article section where we post about this topic on how to tag a close friend on Instagram.

Mention a Friend on Instagram Story

1. Launch the official app on your iPhone or Android mobile.

2. On Top left, you’ll need to click the camera icon.

3. Pick a video or picture to create an Insta story.

4. Then click the ‘Aa’ option which is displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

5. Now Type ‘@’ symbol and enter the username of the friend that you are going to tag in the story. It will bring a name instantly and select it when it appears on the screen.

6. Publish it and it will send notification to your friend about tagging and it creates a link over their profile.

Tagging a Friend in a Comment Section

Basically you can’t tag friends in a specific comment and Instagram is not enabling this option so far but you can mention their name with help of @ symbol and you’ll meet the same requirement. Here you have to know.

1. Go to the comment section if you want to mention your friend’s name.

2. Click the bubble icon to create a comment.

3. Type your text and mention your friend’s username by using @ symbol with the following exact username.

4. Select the appropriate name from the suggestion and then you are good to go.

How to Tag Friend in a New Instagram Post

On the ‘Photos and videos of you’ section from the friend profile, they will definitely receive a notification about a tag that you made recently on Instagram.

1. Open your Insta App.

2. Tap the + symbol to create a new post from your account.

3. Select & Edit the photo or video there and then click ‘Next’.

4. Now click the ‘Tag People’ option.

5. Click again the picture where you want to tag will appear.

6. Type your friend name or username there and select the suggestion term.

7. Click Done or Checkmark on your mobile.

8. Tap the ‘Share’ button and it will publish instantly.

Tagging a friend to an existing post on Instagram is really easy by the following steps. Open Insta App -> Click Profile -> Locate the published post to tag your friend -> Click Three dot button above the picture -> Tap Edit -> Click Tag People and enter your friend’s username -> Tap the proper user from suggestion.