How to Sign In to PlayStation Network

If you don’t know how to log in to your PlayStation’s account, here’s a how-to guide about it.

Basically PlayStation devices are really easy to use and operate but this was the first time you were using the PS4 or PS5, it was a little bit complicated to properly log into your PSN account.

What does PSN really mean?

How to Sign In to PlayStation Network

You definitely wonder about the PSN network if you are new to their Consoles. The PSN is also known as PlayStation Network who is a digital games and service provider in an online network with their high performing consoles. You can access their tools for free and also through paid subscription. Online Multiplayer options are also available in online PSN games from the appropriate versions. Their valuable services are

  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Plus
  • PlayStation Now

Signing Into Your PSN Account on PS4 or PS5

Before logging in you need to make sure that PlayStation console is turned on. Let’s follow the below steps.

1. Visit PS4 or PS5 Homescreen and then Press the UP button through the D-Pad controller.

2. Go to Settings and press the ‘X’ button by using a joystick.

3. Now go to Account Management by using DualShock controller.

4. Again press the X button to Sign In.

5. Enter your PSN Email Address and specific password with the help of the controller.

6. Finally press ‘X’ on Sign in.

Logging In using PlayStation App

Smartphones make it even easier than you think by applying QR code over their PSN network. Before that you need to install a proper updated PlayStation app version on your Android or iPhone device.

1. On the PS4 Homescreen, click Add User.

2. Now select the Sign In and Play option. There you have to note down that QR code will be placed in the right side of the window.

3. Now open your smartphone and launch the official PSN app that you installed from the App Store or Google Play Store.

4. There you have to click the Sign In button which is placed under Settings from the PSN App.

5. Now scan the QR code by using your iPhone or Android phone.

It will help you to successfully sign in to their PSN network automatically. If you follow the above steps correctly then you can easily access the PlayStation network on both PS4 and Ps5 devices. Now you are ready to go. Let’s play some interesting games and experience their beautiful graphic design and sound effects in a 3D digital surround system.