How to Share Location on Android Using Google Maps

The first thing that comes to our mind about sharing the location on android mobile is just Google Maps only. But there are plenty of other options available over the internet to do this sharing process even more better than you think. Let’s try that first but before going on that we first learn how to share your current location using Google Maps.

Whenever you meet up with your friend or family members or visit someone’s house or place then the navigation is the most important one and without them we can’t reach that place in a correct time. Sometimes your destination person asks you to share your current location over the android phone to know your place perfectly because they will guide you for further moves.

How to Share Location on Android Using Google Maps

Sharing Exact Location Using Google Maps on Android Mobile

It is one of the most popular and best guiding apps on the internet which is available in all Android phones. You can easily update the Google Maps through Google Play Store. This tiny piece helps you to share your exact location to your friends and family members in one click.

1. Launch Google Maps Android App

2. On the top right of the screen, click your Profile picture. If it’s not showing your profile picture you have to log in. So do that login process before sharing the content.

3. From the options you have to click ‘Location Sharing’.

4. Tap Share location button.

5. Google Maps asks your permission to access the contacts lists on your mobile. Choose the people that you want to share your location with them. One more option also available like adding your person’s gmail to start sharing.

6. You may also share your location details through email or text message by copying to the clipboard on the device and paste it wherever you want.

Most people definitely use the WhatsApp app and you can also use that Android app to share your location with them. Now follow it. First Launch WhatsApp app -> click Chats option -> Then select the people or group that you are going to share the location -> On bottom of the phone screen, Click the paperclip icon -> Choose Location -> Tap ‘Send Your Current Location’ or ‘Share Live Location’ options. Now you successfully shared your location with the WhatsApp application.

You can review all of the people who have your sharing location on Android mobile and you can easily disconnect your sharing location with them by tapping the specific person profile picture and clicking the Stop button.