How to Set Up Google Home Mini

Both Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini which acts as personal assistants on your personal computer or laptop. By commanding through your voice, you can play music, do web search and make HQ calls over the net and set alarms and reminders whenever you want.

You definitely need an Android or iPhone to make it easy through Google Home app from the app store or Play Store.

How to Set Up Google Home Mini

Setting Up Google Home Mini or Google Nest Mini

1. Plug in your Google Home Mini device and it will blink light for the next step.

2. Install the official Home App from the store and launch the application. Before that you have to make sure that the devices are connected in the same Wi-Fi network or not.

3. Open the app and click ‘Get Started’ to process.

4. Use your Google account to confirm the link and click the ‘OK’ button.

5. Now choose ‘Home’ if you already have the connection otherwise click the ‘Create another home’ button for a specific place to use like the office. Now tap ‘Next’.

6. The app scans and finds the device automatically over their network. Once it’s done, click ‘Next’.

7. If the Google Home Mini makes a sound, then the connection was successful. Then Tap ‘Yes’.

8. A pop-up will begin to prompt you to agree to Officials Legal Terms and Conditions. Click the ‘I Agree’ button to continue the setup process.

9. It shows and asks ‘Do you want to help improve everyone’s experience by sharing device stats and crash reports?’. It’s your option to either click No thanks or Yes I’m in the button.

10. Choose a location for your Home Mini device. This will help you organize your devices. Then click ‘Next’.

11. Set up your Wi-Fi network and connect both devices in the same network.

From now on you are able to connect, interlink everything and set up voice calls into the linked network. Personal Assistant will make everything easy for you to access or make possible things over the Home App.