How to Scan Barcode on iPhone

It is a little bit more complicated than you think, like scanning QR codes on an iPhone device.

The basic things you have to know about scanning barcodes with iPhone mobile, you have to download the iOS barcode scanner app from Apple Store. More number of QR code scanner apps available in both free and paid versions.

How to Scan Barcode on iPhone

This post clearly explains how to properly use an iPhone smartphone to scan a QR code by using their default camera mode. Here we solved some additional information that we made here for more references like FAQs.

So this step by step instructions is only applicable for iPhone devices which are running iOS 9.0 and above versions.

Scanning a QR Code on iPhone Device

You can scan barcodes by installing and accessing third party apps from the app store. But here in this article we are going to install and use the best rating app which is named as “QR Code Reader For iPhone“. This scan app supports all iOS devices and it’s free to use all their features. One more thing you have to know is that this app helps you to make your own barcodes in a single click. Never miss this app.

1. Launch your QR Code Reader app on your iPhone device.

2. On the center of the mobile screen, select the big barcode icon button. It will ask for permission and allow this app to make changes for one time only.

3. Now position the QR code that you want to scan by using the default camera mode. But before that it asks “QR Code Reader” Would Like to Access the Camera. Press OK to allow access.

4. The mobile automatically scans the code and displays its secured data on a screen. It may be your coupon code or discounts or numbers or accounts or websites.

5. That’s it. You successfully scanned the barcode and if you need more details about that QR code data, then click the Search button.

By default you can use your in-built iPhone Camera app to scan the barcode easily in a single click. No need to take photos, just pointing the camera circle is enough.