How to Restart iPhone 12 Pro Max

Sometimes Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max hangs on its own because of their overloaded memory usage. This is really annoying while we are using this phone for important tasks. It becomes frozen while we overload their software and thus results hanging. So how can we solve it? By restarting the device, it frees up their memory space upto 6000MB RAM.

How to Restart iPhone 12 Pro Max

This restart process does not erase or delete your files or text messages from your iPhone. So no need to worry about the data loss. The process is really simple like switching off and on again.

It is mandatory that you need to know or note down the SIM card PIN code. Also you have to remember your old password or unlock pattern to access the iPhone 12 Pro Max device because it will request you to do it while switching on.

Reboot Your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here are the step by step instructions to restart your iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone.

1. Take your Apple device.

2. Press the Unlock and Volume Up button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. There are more options on the screen so you need to hold it for a sec. The options are

  •  Slide to power off
  •  Medical ID
  •  Emergency SOS

Note: The iPhone 12 Pro Max does not have any restart choice, so we need to manually do it.

3. Slide the power button from left to right to switch off your device instantly.

4. Once it is turned off, you need to Press and Hold Power button for 5 seconds. The Apple logo will appear and thus confirms the device got turned on.

5. Release that Power button now to start up again.

6. Enter your PIN code for your SIM card activation and put your unlock code or pattern to release the device.

If the above method fails to restart your iPhone 12 Pro Max may be it will be blocked for some reason. You have to redo the above process again to try to reboot. 

Another reason will be battery low on your iPhone device. So connect your mobile to the battery charger for 1 hour and try this method again. If still a problem arises you have to Press and Hold the Power button for around 10 sec and hold it until the Apple Logo appears in the display screen.

If it’s not responding after trying the above methods, then you have to contact Apple support team to clarify your doubts and give it to their service center. Maybe the iPhone internal electric components such as Motherboards, Memory device, Display screen and other parts will be damaged. Keep your warranty to save some dollars.