How to Mute a Video on iPhone [2 Easy Ways]

Different ways are available in an iPhone to mute your own video files without any hussle. Why are we muting the videos? There are many reasons we need to edit audio quality or maybe we need to create some slideshows over that video or adding voice over to that video for better sounding.

Mute an Existing Video Files on an iPhone

It is only possible through iOS’s Photos app and you can able to share this video without your friends or families without the audio or sound. Here’s you have to do.

How to Mute a Video on iPhone

1. On Your iPhone, Simply Open Photos.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and from Media Types, tap the Videos option.

3. Now select the video file that you want to mute sound or edit.

4. On the top-right corner, click the Edit button.

5. You’ll be able to see your video in the window. On Top left corner of the screen, you have to click the speaker icon.

6. Click Done and you have successfully muted the video.

You can revert your muted video to the normal version by tapping the speaker icon which is placed on the top left of the window. Sometimes if you want to watch the video silently on an iPhone, there you have to click the speaker icon which is placed underneath the video editor. Learn more about iPhone mirroring here.

How to Mute a Video using iMovie App

Some people really want to delete or remove the audio from the video that they capture from an iPhone or already existing video, there you need to install the official Apple’s iMovie app which is free to download from the apple store that can do their editing work.

Simply install the iMovie app and start the process to mute a specific video file in an efficient way.

1. Install and Launch the iMovie app from your iPhone device.

2. A Welcome screen appears there and you have to click the ‘Continue’ button.

3. Go to the Projects section, and then click the Plus symbol to start a new project.

4. There on New Project, you’ll be able to combine videos, photos, and music to make your own movie.

5. When the pop-up screen appears, you have to tap the ‘Movie’ option.

6. From the Media option, you have to select a Video that you are going to include in a new project. It will put all of your digital files in one place to easily navigate and select your specific files to edit.

7. Select the appropriate checkbox that leads the video to your new project.

8. Now on the bottom of the mobile screen, click the ‘Create Movie’ button.

9. It will show a video editing page, where you need to select the video clip in the timeline section.

10. Tap the audio button to see the audio slider.

11. There you have to bright that big dot button from right to left completely. And thus results in the unmute option over the video.

12. Once you finish the remaining editing work, simply click the Done button which is placed near the top corner of the iPhone screen.

You can also share your muted video file to your social media people and make some impact on your account with likes and comments for that video file.