How to Mirror iPhone to Firestick using AirScreen App

In recent days the top selling product in Amazon is definitely their Firestick because of their simple design and easy access to great features. Recently some friends invited me to Mumbai and experienced some amazing natural events on my iPhone. So I want to replay this on my big screen. 

So I ordered the Amazon firestick from their official website and got it within 1 day. So I experienced those iPhone files on my big screen. What a shot? I really liked it.

Let’s start with mirroring properly on the big screen.

How to Mirror iPhone to Firestick using AirScreen App

iPhone only supports screen mirroring on their own Apple TV and there is no way to screen mirror these things on Amazon fire stick. So we need to install a third party app which we are able to install from Amazon App Store to screen mirror everything from mobile to firestick. 

Steps to Download AirScreen App from Amazon App Store

We already said that first we need to install the AirScreen app to Amazon Firestick. Follow the instructions carefully which are mentioned below to download the app.

1. Switch on Amazon Fire Stick.

2. From the homescreen, click Find from the menu bar.

3. Now select the Search button and it will bring the virtual keyboard to type the letters or words.

4. There you have to type AirScreen and below it shows some suggestions and select the exact word you typed before.

5. And select the Download option to properly install the app on your Firestick. You can directly download AirScreen app from here.

The AirScreen app got successfully installed and now you are ready to launch this app. But doing this process before you have to check some requirements that are needed for better experience.

  • Check your Internet Speed and connect it to 5GHz frequency.
  • Check both devices are connected in the same Wi-Fi network.

Easy Way to Start Screen Mirroring on iPhone to Amazon Firestick using AirScreen

Before doing this step double check your all requirements and confirm the app is installed on your fire tv stick.

1. From the Firestick launch, you have to bring the all apps menu by clicking the button.

2. Press SELECT to view all of your apps and channels.

3. View and click Airscreen app from Your Apps and Games.

4. Now the app will ask you to double check your WI-Fi connection which are on both devices.

5. It started to initialize and the AirScreen app shows your current Wi-Fi connection name.

6. Now open your iPhone Control Center and you can access this feature by swiping down from the upper right corner on your smartphone.

7. Click the Screen Mirroring icon on your iPhone and hold it for a few seconds and it will bring an AirPlay option.

8. Select your Wi-Fi network AirPlay option and wait for 5 seconds. You’ll be able to see your iPhone screen on the Firestick TV screen. If your iPhone got some problem while doing this then checkout restart iPhone article.

9. Open your Videos and Photos from the gallery and see it there.

10. No need to change it to landscape mode or portrait mode because the fire tv stick is smart enough to move this option.

Amazon Firestick holds a better experience on Smart TV and it will be the major choice for people who love mirroring their iPhone on a bigger screen. And AirScreen is the best free mirroring tool which helps to screen mirrors over other devices.