How to Find Memories on Facebook

Facebook Memories is one of the advanced features from their social media platform which is really helpful to find some memory for past years. This feature was updated in the year 2018. From the News Feed section, you can easily navigate those memories by clicking the Memories bookmark which is placed as a menu to the left side of the screen.

How to Find Memories on Facebook

Want to reopen your memories from the Facebook platform then you are in a correct place to find those kinds of posts and posts. All of the special moments you obtained when creating your profile on date and sort it through from here. Let’s learn how to search those memories and bring back memories we obtained on that date and enjoy it now.

See Memories on Facebook

Follow these simple instructions to access your Facebook memories with 3 steps below. Here’s how

1. Visit from your desktop or launch your mobile app.

2. Simply extend your Explore menu to find the Memories bookmark option.

3. On Memories bookmark, you’ll be able to see the memories that occured on that day will appear in the news feed section.

Access Specific Facebook Memories

Sometimes you have to find the special moments from specific dates like anniversary, birthday, Instagram Friend’s celebration like that. In that process you have to put some effort to find those events by putting dates into specific sections and enjoy your information from facebook itself.

1. Open your Facebook app or visit the web version.

2. On the Search box, enter your date or word or person name into there and it brings suggestions to events in front of you.

3. From the left side of the screen, you’ll be able to select the category that you want to view.

4. Look out specific posts or groups that memories occured and also you are able to find people posts there without any worries.

Find Memories as Post on Facebook

Date and Time will be helpful for finding specific posts from the memory section.

1. Log into your account.

2. Open your Profile page.

3. Navigate to the ‘What’s on Your Mind?’ box and find the ‘Filters’ option which is shown below.

4. Click and use filters to find posts on your timeline. This will not affect how others see your timeline.

5. Use the List View and Grid View option to find more posts in one single shot. (If you find an interesting post there, then you can share, edit, delete as your convenience.)