How to Find Drafts on Twitter

Let’s look where to find our Twitter drafts which can be accessed on Android, iPhone and Desktop versions. This article clearly explains about how to find your drafts and you’ll never miss once again if you lose anything from your account.

Twitter is a trending social media platform which acts as a mini blogging site where you can share your thoughts in a short form of words that will explore the entire world within a sec. It’s like vanish mode on Instagram that saves for future use.

Sometimes it will happen on your Twitter account that you made a tweet and noticed that you missed some hashtags to include, then it will be stored as draft and you can find it by using the following steps. You can also make a default draft for all your tweets for future and edit and make it to the world in an easy way.

How to Find Drafts on Twitter

It is an unfinished tweet that will be stored in your account and yet it is not published to the twitter world. Timing is something important when you tweet and if you find this is not the correct time to publish then you can save those tweets as draft there. Let’s discuss it now.

Find Your Drafts on Twitter App [Android & iOS]

1. Launch your Twitter app from your mobile.

2. Sign In to your account by using credentials.

3. On Bottom of the mobile screen, you’ll be able to see a feather icon.

4. Click ‘feather icon’.

5. Once it’s done, on top of the screen, you’ll find the Drafts and Tweet button.

6. Click the ‘Drafts’ button to see all your saved drafts there.

7. Now select your preferred draft that you want to edit and make the changes and click publish.

Find All Twitter Drafts on Desktop

1. Visit from your Chrome browser.

2. Login into your account and find the Tweet button which is under the left side bottom of the page.

3. Click that ‘Tweet’ button and it shows a pop-up window.

4. On that box top you have to click the Unseen Tweets link.

5. Now you have the option to delete or edit the saved draft tweet.

6. Make those changes and hit the publish button to send the tweet.

Now I am satisfied that you learned about how to find your drafts on Twitter and make changes over there. Saving tweets only available in mobile version not on the web. So make those kinds of tweets over mobile.