How to Factory Reset PlayStation 4

If you face some serious issues or errors while playing the game on PlayStation 4 then you can factory reset your console to refresh as it is. Sometimes you have to sell or share your PS4 console to other people then you have to swipe out all your pictures and personal information and videos. And thus we need to restore the PS4 defaults settings by using factory settings. While resetting you need to store that data into the cloud for better safety and it will be helpful for PlayStation Plus accounts.

A simple factory reset on PlayStation 4 is enough for those who are facing some freezes and error or connectivity issues that will lead the console into a proper working device.

How to Factory Reset PlayStation 4

Be sure to make a whole backup of all your datas like images, videos to the storage device while factory resetting a PlayStation 4 because it will delete all your previous data on console without any warning notice.

One day I sold out my PlayStation 4 device to my friend for around $50 without resetting the device. After that I bought a new PS4 with better performance and I tried to log in to my account through online. So datas is missing here. I was shocked how it will be done without my activity. Finally I realized that my friend playing the game with my account on the old PS4 console. Now I changed my password credentials and secured my remaining data. So before you trade or sell, try to factory reset everything and recheck it again through logging in.

Deactivating is easy if you access the ‘PlayStation Network/Account Management’ option in the Settings menu. There you’ll be able to deactivate your Primary PS4 device.

How to Factory Reboot a PlayStation PS4

It will be simple if you follow the below step by step instructions carefully, Let’s play it fairly.

1. First you have to log in to your PS4 account.

2. From the menu, you need to click the Settings option.

3. Now visit the ‘Initialization’ tab.

4. From the options, you need to select ‘Initialize PS4’.

5. Now click the ‘Full’ button to perform an entire factory reset on your console.

It will wipe out all your data completely and it will be a fresh console and are ready to sell, trade or giveaway.

Note: The Factory reset process will take sometime around an hour to get ready to go.