How to Change TextNow Number

Changing a TextNow number or obtaining a new number is pretty straightforward than you think. But changing this number is not possible on Desktop/Laptop versions or web.

Is it possible to change the TextNow number? The simple answer is Yes. Every fifteen days, you have the option to change your number through their official mobile app. But the drawback is you can’t retrieve those numbers once you are released from their database.

How to Change TextNow Number

TextNow has recently published the Desktop app and it has added multiple features for user convenience and it is available in desktop apps for Windows itself. If you’ve already created the account, you can access it through the desktop app but if you don’t have an account, then try to create it with your mobile number and access all features over the desktop version.

Let’s make it now.

Change Your TextNow Number

These 8 simple steps will be helpful to achieve this process. Here you go.

1. First you have to install a safe and secure TextNow app from your Play Store or Apple Store. (For Android & iPhone)

2. Launch the app from your smartphone.

3. Now click on the Three Horizontal Lines button named as Hamburger menu which is shown above the left side of the mobile screen.

4. Move on to Settings.

5. Click My Profile option.

6. Then click the TextNow Number from the Account section.

7. There you have to select the button ‘Get a New Phone Number’.

8. Put your mobile number and save settings for further action.

Please note: a mobile number change is irreversible once it’s finished. When you release your current phone number, it can not be returned to you until you contact them officially.

Follow these same 8 steps to change your personal details such as email address, profile update, password and notification settings.

You can hold multiple accounts with different kinds of phone numbers with unique IDs for each TextNow number. But only one number is allowed for one account. Every fifteen days you can make your mobile number changes there and keep your account fresh. It’s like Facebook update terms that are going to snooze for 30 days option.

If you use this account for criminal or fraudulent activities, definitely police investigation officers will find you easily. Maybe you can change your number for 15 days at once but they will trace you easily through TextNow history and you have to answer them.

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