How to Change Password from Netflix

No need to worry about passwords because we also forget ours all the time.

Well it happened to me again. Definitely sometime you’ll forget your Netflix password. How will you know that you forget that?. Maybe you’ll receive an email from someone trying to log in to your account from anywhere like Australia. My ex-girlfriend also used my account to watch their favorite shows through my account and I forgot that password to cut them off.

How to Change Password from Netflix

Whatever situation, you may find your password for further need. You are in the right position to find those kinds of things from here and I am ready to give some tips about Netflix passcodes.

Various ways are available to change your Netflix password, So let’s discuss one by one now.

1. Changing Password from Netflix Account Settings

Not able to access your Netflix account then you need to change your password quickly to regain your account. 

  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • On Top right corner of the screen, you’ll need to see your avatar.
  • Click the drop down menu, then select the ‘Account’.
  • From the Account, you’ll need to click the option ‘Change password’.
  • A pop up will open to insert your old password.
  • Maybe if you forgot the password, then click ‘Forgot Password’ and create a new one and confirm it.

2. Changing Netflix Password via Email

Unfortunately you are logged out of your Netflix account, then the process should be a little bit tricky. 

  • Under the Sign In button you need to click the ‘Need help?’ and it will bring you to (Maybe you can also click the specific url for further assistance about password change. No need to go to the sign in page.)
  • It offers two ways to change your Netflix password either via email or text message. We are here going to discuss email methods.
  • Check the option Email under ‘How would you like to reset your password?’.
  • Enter your Netflix account email to reset the password and click the Email Me button at the bottom of the window which is coloured under blue.
  • You’ll be able to receive a confirmation email within a minute that is present in the Inbox. Click on it to open and you’ll find a clickable link to sign into your Netflix account directly. There is no need to enter your password there because it will directly sign in to your account when you click the link.
  • Once it’s done, you have to create your password again by going into your Account to change password. Don’t put the same password again to change it and Netflix won’t allow you to use the same password again in their database.

3. How to Change Netflix Password via Text message

  • Head over to the Login Help page again.
  • This time check the option ‘Text Message (SMS)’.
  • It will prompt you to enter your mobile number that is connected to your Netflix account.
  • Enter your phone number and click the Text Me button to receive the verification code.
  • Watch your mobile phone to receive the SMS about the netflix account.
  • Enter your verification code into Netflix and thus allow you to reset your netflix password. (Note: You can’t create a new password as old one).

Netflix definitely won’t allow you to use the old password as a new one, but don’t worry because you’ll easily remember your new password very well every time. Why? Because everytime they ask you’ll have some memory power triggered to remember your new password well. This change is good for your daily reference and improves your memory skill whenever you forget your password.

Well sometimes you’ll forget your password as well as email also. That time a real trouble will shoot out. But here we guide you about how to resolve these kinds of issues within a minute.

Don’t worry about the situation, go to the LoginHelp page and click the box option which is in gray color and named as ‘I don’t remember my email or phone’. At the same time Netflix asks you to enter some additional information to confirm your account verification.

It asks you to enter your first and last name and also asks about credit or debit card information which is linked to your account previously very well. The card must be the one that previously charged some dollars for Netflix membership. Bank Statement will be helpful to check if the card is correct or not.

Once you fill the required information into their needs, then finally click ‘Find Account’ at the bottom of the screen and it brings your Netflix account and lets you to sign in to your account. After signing in you already know how to properly change the password very well and also check your account email account in the Account settings. That’s why we recommend you to store the account information somewhere on the dropbox to remember well.

The situation will be very tough for some people who forgot everything about Netflix information. These kinds of people follow this guide and it’s very easy to regain your account without losing anything. This time you need to head over to the Netflix Help Center page and find the ‘CALL US’ button and there you’ll find the contact information for further assistance.

Some people are not ready to pick up the call because of anxiety and we can deal with it in another way like the ‘START LIVE CHAT’ option to start your text conversation over to their staff members through your computer or laptop. Try to clearly explain your situation with them and the problem will be solved within a few minutes.

Congratulations we found all methods and you’ll be good at changing the password very well again. We made all the way to enjoy your Netflix shows and please I request you to post your experience in the comment thread for further discussion. We made it and we already forgot everything and redo this process again without this large blog post. Enjoy your Hobby experience and share it with your friends and families well.