How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

People really enjoy different colors on their Instagram account while seeing their profile background. But unfortunately some people don’t know how to customize those settings on their own. The uploaded image color is setted as default as background in the page. So they leave it as it is. As from now you no need to worry about that because in this article we are going to discuss this topic.

The interesting feature which is currently available in Instagram is the Stories section. You can easily share your personal stories to your family members, friends and public followers as feed stories. Your followers really like your brilliant work once you finish the below instructions to change your feed stories background color.

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

Instagram has madde some additional features to their users to upload GIFs, stickers, videos, songs, etc., to entertain more.

What is really annoying is Instagram automatically picks their own background color as an auto select process and thus irritates those people who tried to customize their stories.

But you don’t need to worry about that because in this post we are going to learn about how to customize your background color on Instagram.

Edit or Replace Your Instagram Stories Background Color

If Instagram automatically selects their background color based on your uploaded image there you can easily alter those into your favorite background color.

1. Launch Instagram app.

2. Open the Stories section.

3. Select your image that you are going to share from your Gallery section.

4. Crop or Resize your Image and adjust all settings for your convenience.

5. Tap the three dots button and click “draw”.

6. Now click the pen tool for translucent background color.

7. Choose your favorite color that you want to see as the background.

8. Long press and hold the mobile screen for a few seconds until the background changes on their own for your preferred color.

9. After it is flooded with your color, then click the ‘done’ option.

10. Now click the stickers icon and select the option named as “camera roll” sticker.

11. There you have to select the same image you genuinely put into your story.

12. Resize it and put it over the top of the favorite color background image, so that it is clearly visible to you.

Finally the default Instagram options got changed into your own background color edits on your stories section which will be really attractive to your followers who will definitely going to like your work.