How to Change Amazon from Spanish to English Language

Clearly all of you know about the Amazon whis is currently available in all countries around the world and it offers all local languages as their options for better user experience.  So in this article we are going to discuss how to change specific spanish language to default english language by step by step instructions.

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The Amazon app is also useful for people who experience their world in a single app from the play store or app store. Only specific regional languages are available nowads like in America you can change your language spanish, english, etc. In India- like countries, the available languages are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Local people can easily find their products and surf the web in their own language using the Mic button.

How to Change Amazon from Spanish to English Language

Make Your Language Change on the Amazon Site

1. Open your favorite browser from the laptop or desktop and visit Amazon’s official website.

2. On the Top Right Corner, you’ll see a flag symbol of your Spain region. You may change or leave it as default as your country region to browse.

3. While clicking that Spain flag symbol, you’ll be able to see a page called “Change Language & Currency Settings”.

4. On the Language Settings section, you have to select the language you prefer for browsing, shopping, and communications.

5. There by default “Espanol – ES – Traduccion” got selected and you need to change that to “English – EN” option.

6. Once it is selected, you have to scroll down and click the ‘Save changes’ button for the changes to apply.

7. You are now all set and thus the wesite shows your preferred language over their entire site.

How to Apply Languages Changes on Amazon Mobile App

1. Open your Amazon app from your iPhone or Android device.

2. Click the three horizontal lines button at the bottom of the mobile screen.

3. On the Menu, you need to click the ‘Settings’ option.

4. Now tap ‘Country & Language’.

5. You will see all regional languages there and you have to scroll and select “United States (English) –” option.

Finally you made the language change from Spanish to English in a simple way over Amazon products. Now share your language experience here for more discussion.