How to Cancel a Scheduled Uber Ride

First you have to know about Uber rides and you are going to cancel your ride. Then you have to pay an incur amount anywhere between from $5 to $10. One more benefit we get from rides is late pick up. That driver picks up more than ten minutes from the predicted time of the app, then you can cancel your ride without paying any pennies.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Uber Ride

For scheduled pick ups there are no cancellation fees from Uber trips which are assigned to specific drivers and picking you up correctly. You can cancel your ride anytime you want and you can walk to your destination without worries like partying with friends, important meetings, events, etc. Some metro cities only have 2 minutes to cancel your ride before the driver accepts your ride. Otherwise, they will slap your face with penalties and you have to pay that bill for your next ride.

The $10 fee will be charged for UberBlack service and $5 fee will be charged for Uber standard ride. Also you gain some reputation from their side for your trusted process and it will be implemented on your next ride.

You can cancel these scheduled Uber rides on both Android and iPhone devices by installing their official app.

Canceling a Scheduled Uber Ride

1. Launch Uber app on your iPhone or Android mobile.

2. On Top left of the screen, you have to tap the three parallel lines.

3. Select “Your Trips” from the menu bar that pops-up in a window. It will list out all of your past and future rides.

4. On the top right corner of the mobile screen, select the oval button that is named ‘Past’.

5. Then click ‘Upcoming’.

6. Now tap the ‘Cancel Ride’ button and then confirm it by clicking the box.

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How to Cancel a Booked Uber Ride

1. In this condition your app must be still looking for the Uber driver.

2. Select the button which is named at the bottom of the mobile screen “Finding your ride”.

3. Click ‘Cancel’ and then select ‘YES, CANCEL’ button to confirm the action.

4. If the app helps you to find the matched one, then tap the screen bottom button for your driver’s info and then click ‘Cancel Trip’.

5. Now again click the ‘YES, CANCEL’ button to confirm the cancellation. If you act as fast as you can, then you won’t be charged for any fee from their side.

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