How to Add Signature in Outlook

This is a professional process if you attach your signature with your email. Setting up this signature will free you to type in contact details every time you send the mail. Now learn how to add this signature to Outlook in a straight way.

Add an Outlook Email Signature

It is easy if you have the Outlook version as 2010, 2016, 2019. By just clicking on File –

> Options -> Mail -> Signatures. For the 2007 version, visit Tools -> Options -> Mail Format -> Signatures.

How to Add Signature in Outlook

Create Signature in 2019, 2016, 2019 Versions

1. Launch Official App.

2. From the Menu bar, click on File.

3. Now click Options.

4. Select on Mail from the dialog box.

5. Press on Signatures.

6. From the Email Signature tab, you have to click “New”.

7. Type a name for this signature.

8. Click on OK to finish the entire process.

Create Outlook Signature on Web

1. Log into

2. From the menu, click the Outlook tab.

3. Now click the gear icon from the top corner.

4. Select on View All Settings.

5. Now click Compose and Reply.

6. On the Window, type your signature.

7. Finally click the Save button.

Add Your Outlook Signature for Mac

1. Launch the App.

2. Visit the Preferences Menu.

3. Select Signatures.

4. Now click the +sign in the signature window.

5. Edit and type your preferred signature name.

6. Customize the signature settings for more professional use.

7. Select the X button.

8. Now compose a new email.

9. The Signature will appear at the bottom of the sending email.