How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Some people really don’t know about how to add multiple photos to their instagram story and they only know about adding a single picture to stories at once and making another story for another picture they use. You need to know about the Story Sticker menu that lets you add all your pics in one click at a time. With the help of this feature we can do a lot.

Let’s start the topic one by one. First we see how to guide on iPhone devices and then we move on to Android devices.

Post Multiple Pictures in a Instagram Story on an iPhone

Before using this feature, first you have to update your Instagram app to the latest version which is available in the App Store. Definitely you are not aware of this feature which is hidden in the Stories sticker section which is also named as photo sticker.

My best option is to make your conclusion on what changing background color things you are going to make for your story. More options are available while we check it there. So be free to utilize this option to make your Instagram story more attractive than other users.

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

You may take a selfie or choose your favorite photos from iPhone gallery or maybe you can try default pictures that are suggested by Instagram as background.

1. Open an Instagram app from your iPhone device.

2. On Upper Right Corner, Click ‘Your Story’ icon.

3. Now pick a random picture.

4. Click on the wriggly icon which is placed in the upper right corner of your mobile screen.

5. On the bottom of the screen, you have to choose the background color from the palette.

6. Press and Hold the screen until your entire background color changes from your smartphone.

7. Once it changed, select the ‘Done’ option. And now you have successfully changed the background color of your story. It’s time to move on to another section like adding multiple photos.

8. Click the ‘Sticker’ icon from the menu which is shown on top of the screen.

9. A pop-up menu appears and locate the ‘Photo’ feature and find and select your picture that you want to add to your story.

10. Customize the image into whatever you like by adjusting their size, position, shape, etc.,

11. Now again return to the ‘Sticker’ icon and select ‘Photo’ tool again.

12. Pick another image and upload it to your story and repeat the same process until you are satisfied with the photos.

13. Finally, tap on “Your Story” on the bottom of the screen.

That’s it you have successfully published your Instagram story with multiple photos on an iPhone device.

Put Multiple Images on Instagram Story by using Android device

Recently Instagram enabled this feature on Android mobile but there is one drawback. If you want to add multiple photos to a single story, then you need to use a third-party tool to make these grids. But with the help of the Photo feature, we can make this process even much easier than you think.

Follow the below instructions to make your story very well on their platform.

1. Open the app from your Android mobile.

2. Visit or click the “Your Story” option.

3. Now choose your background color or upload your favorite picture.

4. Select the ‘Sticker’ icon from the top of the mobile screen.

5. Move on down and select the ‘Photo’ icon.

6. Pick your photo that you are going to use in your story.

7. Tap the image to change its shape and size by adjusting.

8. Repeat the same step like selecting the ‘Sticker’ icon again and add all of your images one by one.

9. Finally once the images get uploaded, tap on the ‘Your Story’ option at the bottom of the screen.

Now think about this feature which is available on the PC. No not yet. But you can make this process successful by visiting Chrome browser and making some changes, surely you’ll get your Instagram story better than you think. On Chrome Browser -> More Tools -> Developer Tools. Now click on the mobile icon and select ‘Dimensions: Responsive’. Pick your favorite mobile interface like Samsung, iPhone 11, etc., Finally refresh the page. Now visit and follow the exact procedure you read out above.