How to Access Clipboard on Android

More people are really interested to know about how to access the clipboard on android mobile. We know that the feature is the most valuable one and without it we aren’t able to copy & paste text or pictures to another location.

Clipboard acts as a temporary storage unit which stores data temporarily and makes your data move on to another location. But one more thing we need to know is that the android device depends upon their storage capacity and copy texts, numbers, words, paragraphs and photos like jpg, png, img.

How to Access Clipboard on Android

Basic function whenever you use Android clipboard feature it stores the data and waits for your next command. If it’s a paste option it will make that work. Otherwise you command like another copy then the clipboard will delete the previous data that you copied and store the new copy data into their clipboard. Even it will work on location sharing over Google Maps that you can copy or paste using Clipboard

On Android OS, with the help of third party apps we can easily access all your clipboard processes there and do your work with advanced activities.

In this article we are going to use the best android device keyboard from the trusted company called Gboard – the Google Keyboard. You can easily download it from the previously mentioned link and install it on your smartphone without any doubt.

Retrieve Your Clipboard Data on Android using Gboard

Before applying the below process, you have to confirm that you successfully installed the Gboard on your Android mobile. Now follow the instructions one by one.

1. Copy text or image from anywhere around the web or docs in the Android OS where it is necessary for further steps.

2. Now you have to paste this text or image information into the place you have to see on the Gboard app. By default your Samsung keyboard or any other keyboard is activated, you have to change that keyboard into Gboard keyboard for better performance.

3. After pasting the content into the Gboard keyboard text field, click the clipboard icon in the Gboard toolbar section. It simply looks like your physical keyboard.

4. Once you tap the clipboard icon, it will show all your recent copied texts and images there.

5. Select any text or image that you need for further work.

As per the rules from android authority, the OS does not save your items forever in their clipboard. It will be deleted within an hour for security purposes. But using Gboard clipboard you can pin your items permanently and it won’t delete until you are done. So how to do it means by following the above steps with additions like Tap and Hold the text to save -> Select ‘Pin’ from the pop-up menu that appears in the window. And thus it will save you from deleting your data from the clipboard.