How to Change The Default Video Player on Android Smartphone

On Android devices, luckily we have a default video player that is a pre-installed app with additional features. You can’t delete those default video players present in the smartphone but you can update those kinds of apps through Google PlayStore. These kinds of video players come with basic features and you can’t customize anything there. That’s why we need alternative solutions for android mobile that are ready to play videos and audios in an effective manner.

We need to install third party apps for better experience and set those players as default ones rather than the in-built video player app. Let’s discuss how to change the default player into a favorite one and find that as the best solution.

How to Change The Default Video Player on Android Smartphone

Install Your Favorite Android Video Player

First step is you need to find out which android video player is best suitable for your device. Here we listed most of the high rating top video player apps that are present in the Google Play Store.

1. MX Player

MX player is the old and best android app that allows all multi core decoding features from the app itself. It supports all video and audio formats without any error.

It is simple to use and their interface is more user friendly than you think. Zoom in and out is very easy with your little fingers and setting up video orientation into various formats is much easier than you think. One of the best features is Subtitles that you can search immediately through their search button and you can find and download those subtitles in a single click. Parental controls are present in this app and you customize those settings for your child within a minute.

Free to download MX player in Google Play Store and you can add additional plugins for more features at the same time. On the free version ads are placed everywhere and it’s annoying whenever you search your videos in their database.

Download MX Player Here.

2. VLC for Android

We already know that VLC Player is the best one for desktop or laptop devices but you know that player is readily available in the android platform. This app is open source and you can try immediately through Google Play Store. All audio and video formats are supported by this player and even the codec version is also supported by them. 

Network streaming and Equalizer is available and there you can edit all your sound formats on your own and enjoy the theater experience on your android device. You can adjust brightness through swiping up on the left side of the screen and volume increase or decrease is placed on the right side swipe of the screen. Adding subtitles to the app is simple and adding CC to your video files is done within the app itself. VLC Player is entirely free to use and you need not to worry about commercial ads because it’s totally ad-free.

Download VLC for Android Here.

3. BS Player

In 2004, BS Player was officially released in the Google Play Store and it’s legal for your android device. It supports all video formats like VLC Media Player with additional features that are also free like that app. One of the main advantages of this player is it consumes less battery data and increases your mobile core speed that illuminates smooth video playing.

It allows users to experience various User Interface skins in an easy way. But it supports common video formats like MP4, Wav, MP3 like that. You can customize playlists on your own through their listed option and play according to their way.

Multi-tasking and pop out features are ready to do and you can adjust their themes with layout options. One disadvantage is that it has advertisements on their free version, so maybe you need their premium version with one pay.

Download BS Player Here.

4. AC3 Player

If you need an AC3 audio format player then this is the best option to enjoy the sound experience. No additional plugins needed for this format because it will automatically scan and play this format files easily. Other than that, it supports various formats also and you can try those things here also. 

The Auto Sync option is ready and you can play various subtitles here. The video player is simple to use and the UI is excellent for sound, brightness, orientation, speed skip, etc. 

Internet videos can be played in the app itself and it has built-in equalizer settings for better sound experience.

Download AC3 Player Here.

How to Install Video Player form the Google Play Store

1. Launch Google Play Store from your android device.

2. Tap the search button on the top of the screen and enter the name of the preferred app there like ‘MX Player’. Alternatively you can find these kinds of apps through their Categories tab.

3. Choose the video player from the search results and tap the ‘Install’ button.

4. Click the Open button to launch the video player.

5. It asks like ‘Allow MX Player to access photos, media and files on your device?’ and click the “ALLOW” option to access the files.

How to Set Preferred Video Player as Default Player using Android settings

Once you successfully downloaded the app from the Play Store you can easily set those players as default through settings option. It may vary depending upon the Android OS version. But this is best and it will be applicable for all devices.

1. Open the Setting App from your android device. Maybe you can pull the drop down option and tap the gear icon for a simple open.

2. From the list of settings, Click Apps.

3. From the options menu, open ‘Manage apps’.

4. On the top right corner, click the gear icon and select ‘Default apps’ from the menu list.

5. From the lists, Open Play video option to set up everything.

6. All video players listed there and you need to tap your preferred video player there.

Android OS Lollipop version requires these actions below, so please listen.

1. Open Settings -> Applications.

2. Scroll to Default Applications and locate your preferred file and tap on it.

3. Now click the ‘Clear Defaults’ option.

4. Again go back to ‘Default Applications’ and this time you need to select the option as ‘Set Defaults’. Choose your video player that is downloaded from the PlayStore. That’s it.

Sometimes the android device also recommends the video players to select as default there. Choose wisely and enjoy your video experience like Dolby Atmos. If you have any queries like how to set up the default video player on your smartphone, please make a comment here to explain everything in an easy manner to you.