Top 6 Auto Reply Text Based Apps for Android

It’s really annoying when we hear the app sound or beep sound from the notifications of Android smartphones. During that time we repeatedly read those messages even if it hurts well. It really irritates me when we hear those beep sounds repeat itself from the annoying friend. But keep in mind it will definitely need to be avoided because if we are in a meeting or dating with anyone, it hampers and it diverts everything. Without exiting we need to properly setup the notification to acknowledge who beeps me automatically through the android apps.

Best Auto Reply Text Based Apps for Android

I clearly listed out the apps that revert back specific custom notifications to senders, maybe your friends or families as per your requests. Half of the problems will be solved within a minute when we acknowledge them.

1. SMS Auto Reply Messages

My first preference should be the SMS Auto Reply Text Messages android app because it is an excellent app for SMS services and missed calls notifications. If you want to keep in touch with your specific contacts then you can schedule your notifications messages and automate them to read for further movement.

More personalization settings are available like when you are busy in the office, at the gym, driving, parking time, out of place.


  • 1. More ways to create personalized contact lists.
  • 2. Setting up auto replies in social media apps like Facebook Messengers, Instagram, Skype, Twitter and more.
  • 3. Set ringer mode to silent mode is as easy as you think.

Download Here.

2. WhatsAuto

The name itself explains that it will work on WhatApp android app and also with SMS messages text app on Smartphones. If you have upgraded versions like Android 7.0 and above then you can customize this app settings for Facebook Messenger also.

Turn on Auto Reply Off to On and free your mind with automated messages that will send automatically to the specific users in your contact lists with the messages such as ‘Can’t talk now’, ‘We will meet later’ like that.


  • 1. In-built smart reply on or off options.
  • 2. Set a timer for limiting everything.
  • 3. Saves multiple messages to every contact.

Download Here.

3. IM Auto Reply Text Apps

IM Auto Reply Text Message application is ready to synchronize with the apps that are annoying with beep sounds every time when you receive notifications from the specific annoying peoples. It has templates that are ready to serve you and you have to personalize your auto replies to everyone you need to list there. Select the people that you want to send an auto message through IM auto app and the final work is done and it starts to automate everything as you wish to their clients.

Key Notes:

  • 1. Using personalized feature you have to add contacts as include/exclude
  • 2. Make personalized notes for specific person lists.
  • 3. Set up the time frame that you are willing to auto message in.

Download Here.

4. Drivemode

This specific app is specially designed for driving people who automate their calls and messages replies to their list while safes your driving even more. Drivemode app is good for automatic reply during the time of driving on a road. You can interact with your cars and bikes with more customization options available. One thing you have to do before activating this app is adding voice commands and activating it. A big button is placed in the app screen to ease everything and you are able to change mode easily with your fingers. 

Google Maps, Google Assistant, Spotify, SMS, Calls all work with Drivemode app and you are ready to go with safe mode while driving.

Specific Features:

  • 1. Setup voice command and rule the app.
  • 2. Driving history is available to reread everything.
  • 3. Single tap option is needed to switch to another screen.
  • 4. Integrate call, message, music, driving, etc.

Download Here.

5. Do It Later

App worthy android application for scheduling SMS to your contact list and auto reply to everyone in a single click. WhatsApp messages got integrated with this app and it sends automatic replies later to your friends. Timing is needed to automate everything in this application.

Here also voice reminders are available that help you to remember the notes and you’ll never miss the important text messages from someone. Basically it’s a life saver from your senders. The Do It Later app will do all their tasks later while you sleep or work, it will do their job without hustle. Let’s play this app with your android mobile phone.

New Features:

  • 1. Sender Names needed for smart replies.
  • 2. Bulk Messaging is available and it will be helpful for festival seasons.
  • 3. Fake calls should be made while rescuing spam people.

Download Here.

6. Messenger

We will make this app an auto reply message app through customization. This is definitely not an auto reply android app but it allows you to text message to others unlimited times. 1000 of features are available in this messaging app and it won’t hurt while you are working or during a busy period. 

It even takes care of your upcoming messages or calls while you are driving and it saves your life without a single penny. It won’t distract you and free up your time and at the same time it even takes care of all your tasks. This app schedules all SMS in a timely manner and that will be delivered on time without any error.

Few Notes:

  • 1. Saves while long drives and it automates all messages without any distraction.
  • 2. SMS backup is available and it saves all deleted messages with restore options.
  • 3. Replies will pop up in a window and it won’t hustle.

Download Here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Let’s talk about now.

Q1. Which one is the best app as per our list?

Every app is special for everyone because the above listed apps will solve all your struggles in a professional manner.

Q2. How can I download these apps?

All of the apps are available in the Google Play Store and even we easily place the download option as ‘Download Here’ link is available.

Q3. How do I set up an Auto Reply Text Message?

Everything will be explained properly in the article. Don’t miss it.

Q4. What app did I prefer to download?

It is an WhatAuto app which is preferred and undoubtedly helpful for all customization and it automates everything in a single click. Don’t miss out on the other apps. Try to install everything and check it on your own.